Accepted research papers

  • Bozhong Liu, Ling Chen, Chunyang Liu, Chengqi Zhang and Weidong Qiu.
    RCP Mining: Towards the Summarization of Spatial Co-location Patterns
  • Elena Strzheletska and Vassilis Tsotras.
    RICC: Fast Reachability Query Processing on Large Spatiotemporal Datasets
  • Xiaofeng Xu, Li Xiong, Vaidy Sunderam, Jinfei Liu and Jun Luo.
    Speed Partitioning for Indexing Moving Objects
  • Arif Hidayat, Muhammad Aamir Cheema and David Taniar.
    Relaxed Reverse Nearest Neighbors Queries
  • Christian Beecks, Marwan Hassani, Jennifer Hinnell, Daniel Schüller, Bela Brenger, Irene Mittelberg and Thomas Seidl.
    Spatiotemporal Similarity Search in 3D Motion Capture Gesture Streams
  • Klaus Arthur Schmid, Tobias Emrich, Andreas Zuefle, Matthias Renz and Reynold Cheng.
    Approximate UV computation based on space decomposition
  • Yaguang Li, Dingxiong Deng, Ugur Demiryurek and Cyrus Shahabi.
    Towards Fast and Accurate Solutions to Vehicle Routing in a Large-Scale and Dynamic Environment
  • Lasanthi Heendaliya, Michael Wisely, Dan Lin, Sahra Sedigh and Ali Hurson.
    Influence-aware Predictive Density Queries Under Road-network Constraints
  • Orestis Gkorgkas, Akrivi Vlachou, Christos Doulkeridis and Kjetil Nørvåg.
    Maximizing Influence of Spatio-Textual Objects Based on Keyword Selection
  • Eric Fung, Georgios Kellaris and Dimitris Papadias.
    Combining Differential Privacy and PIR for Efficient Strong Location Privacy
  • Jiafeng Hu, Reynold Cheng, Dingming Wu and Beihong Jin.
    Efficient Top-k Subscription Matching for Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe
  • Yu Li, Man Lung Yiu and Wenjian Xu.
    Oriented Online Route Recommendation for Spatial Crowdsourcing Task Workers
  • Tsz Nam Chan, Man Lung Yiu and Kien A. Hua.
    A Progressive Approach for Matrix Pattern Matching
  • Ritesh Ahuja, Nikos Armenatzoglou, Dimitris Papadias and George Fakas.
    Geo-Social Keyword Search
  • Sarnath Ramnath, Zhe Jiang, Hsuan-Heng Wu, Viswanath Gunturi and Shashi Shekhar.
    A Spatio-temporally Opportunistic Approach to Best-start-time Lagrangian Shortest Paths
  • Gregor Jossé, Michael Shekelyan and Matthias Schubert.
    ParetoPrep: Efficient Lower Bounds for Path Skylines and Fast Path Computation
  • Mourad Khayati, Michael Böhlen and Philippe Cudré Mauroux.
    Using Lowly Correlated Time Series to Recover Missing Values in Time Series: a Comparison between SVD and CD
  • Georgios Skoumas, Klaus Arthur Schmid, Gregor Jossé, Mario Nascimento, Andreas Züfle, Matthias Renz, Dieter Pfoser and Matthias Schubert.
    Knowledge-Enriched Route Computation
  • Ishat E Rabban, Kaysar Abdullah, Mohammed Eunus Ali and Aamir Cheema.
    Visibility Color Map for a Fixed or Moving Target in Spatial Databases
  • Alexandros Efentakis, Christodoulos Efstathiades and Dieter Pfoser.
    COLD. Revisiting Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs
  • Shuyao Qi, Panagiotis Bouros, Dimitris Sacharidis and Nikos Mamoulis.
    Efficient Point-based Trajectory Search
  • Mihai Maruseac, Gabriel Ghinita, Besim Avci, Goce Trajcevski and Peter Scheuermann.
    Privacy-Preserving Detection of Anomalous Phenomena in Crowdsourced Environmental Sensing
  • Reem Y. Ali, Venkata M.V. Gunturi, Andrew J. Kotz, Shashi Shekhar and William F. Northrop.
    Discovering Non-compliant Window Co-occurrence Patterns: A Summary of Results
  • Markus Mauder, Markus Reisinger, Tobias Emrich, Andreas Zuefle, Matthias Renz, Goce Trajcevski and Roberto Tamassia.
    Minimal Spatio-Temporal Database Repairs

Accepted demo papers

  • Akinori Asahara, Nobuo Sato and Masatsugu Nomiya.
    Pedestrian-flow Analysis System Improving Exhibition Events
  • Zagros Ardalan, Carme Martín Escofet and Lluís Padró Cirera.
    AETAS: a System for Semanticizing Temporal Expressions from Unstructured Contents
  • Shayma Alkobaisi, Wan D. Bae and Sada Narayanappa.
    SCHAS: A Visual Evaluation Framework for Mobile Data Analysis of Individual Exposure to Environmental Risk Factors
  • Jan Kristof Nidzwetzki and Ralf Hartmut Güting.
    Distributed SECONDO: A highly available and scalable system for spatial data processing
  • Gregor Jossé and Matthias Schubert.
    EasyEV: Monitoring and Querying System for Electric Vehicle Fleets Using Smart Car Data
  • Christodoulos Efstathiades, Helias Antoniou, Dimitrios Skoutas and Yannis Vassiliou.
    TwitterViz: Visualizing and Exploring the Twittersphere
  • San Yeung and Sanjay Madria.
    A Trajectory Recommendation System via Optimizing Sensors Utilization in Airborne Systems
  • Georgios Skoumas, Klaus Arthur Schmid, Gregor Jossé, Andreas Zuefle, Matthias Renz and Dieter Pfoser.
    Tourismo: User Preference Driven Touristic (Trip) Search Engine


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